Never stop learning.

Third Sector Live is a thought-provoking and stimulating two-day event, offering the perfect platform for progressing your personal career and keeping up-to-date with what's happening in the sector. Inspiring presentations and sharing ideas with like-minded people will help you shape the future for yourself and others.


Day one - Tuesday 24 September, 2019
Setting your organisation up for success
Setting your organisation up for success

8:40 Opening remarks and Welcome from Chair

Ronni Kahn AO, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oz Harvest

8:50 Developing a strong mission and vision for your organisation that your supporters and team will get behind

  • Identifying your organisations’ core purpose
  • Addressing gaps in your organisation to build strong foundations for success
  • Creating an effective strategy to reach your vision

    Nicolas Brown, General Manager, Batyr

    9:20 Developing strategies to stand out in a saturated market

  • Identifying value-add opportunities to support beneficiaries
  • Understanding the power of evaluation and measurement
  • Incorporating automation to improve efficiencies and magnify social impact

    Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Founder and Managing Director, Top Blokes Foundation

    9:50 Panel Discussion: Attracting the right staff to drive operational success

  • Building recruitment strategies to ensure staff suitability
  • Ensuring staff have access to ongoing training and development programs
  • Fostering an authentic staff culture
  • How to appeal to experienced workers with a tight budget

    Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director, Beaumont People

    Nicolas Brown, General Manager, Batyr

    Kylea Tink, Chief Executive Officer, Camp Quality

    10:30 Morning Refreshments

    11:00 Keynote session: Creating the workforce of tomorrows demands

  • Ensuring young Australian’s have skills and experience for jobs of the future
  • Encouraging innovation to ensure economic and social progression

    Jan Owen, Chief Executive Officer, The Foundation for Young Australians

    11:30 Using a systems approach to drive results-based management

  • The role of theory of change in uncovering evaluable interventions
  • Using catalytic mechanisms to trigger distributed results
  • Program logic and discovering your “flywheel” for momentum
  • Monitoring, evaluating and managing for results and impact

    Claire Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, World Vision Australia

    12:10 Case Study: Understanding the CPC framework for success

  • Identifying what success means for the organisation and its stakeholders
  • Examining critical factors which mediate success
  • Sharing success through building stakeholder social capital

    Dianne Prince, President, Haemochromatosis Australia

    12:40 Networking Luncheon

    1:40 How to survive Australia’s charity market saturation

  • Evaluating the increased competition in the sector and what it means for your organisation
  • Developing a strong brand to stand out from the crowd
  • Identifying your point of difference to competitors

    James Fowles, Head of Philanthropy, Hello Sunday Morning

    2:10 Adaptability, the new competitive advantage

  • Creating business models that are able to adapt to changing trends
  • Growing your organisation whilst staying true to your core values
  • Working towards the sector’s collective success

    Paul Ronalds, Chief Executive Officer, Save The Children

    2:40 Panel discussion: Revolutionising measurement and evaluation techniques to ensure business adaptability

  • How to keep up with rapidly changing industry trends
  • Ensuring that your business remains ahead of the competition

    Michelle Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Community Vision

    Kylea Tink, Chief Executive Officer, Camp Quality

    3:20 Afternoon refreshments

    3:50 Merging with likeminded organisations to remain competitive in a saturated market

  • Identifying suitable partnership opportunities for your organisation
  • Developing beneficial relationships with likeminded organisations
  • Remaining authentic to your values in an evolving space

    Oscar Mussons, Volunteer Manager, Asylum Seekers Centre

    Maurizio Vespa, Chief Executive Officer, St Francis Social Services (House of Welcome)

    Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Executive Director, Refugee Advice and Casework Service

    Carolina Gottardo, Director, Jesuit Refugee Service Australia

    4:30 End of day one

  • Day two - Wednesday 25 September, 2019
    Progression through innovation
    Progression through innovation

    8:30 Registration Opens

    8:40 Opening remarks and welcome from chair

    8:50 Building strong management teams to create an industry leading business

  • Building relationships between governing boards and management teams
  • Training board members to lead with confidence, conviction and purpose
  • Attracting diverse board members for increased innovation

    Robert Crowe, Chief Executive officer, Leading For Purpose

    9:20 International case study: Using radical collaboration to transform teams into motivated and empowered groups

  • Focussing on brand strategy to build cross-industry and cross-culture partnerships
  • Using radical collaboration to strengthen your organisations presence and impact

    Emma Riley, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lonely Whale

    9:50 Roundtable discussion

    Delegates will be divided into groups to engage in interactive discussions around one of the below topics:

    Round table 1:

  • Fostering innovation for positive growth and sustainability

    Andy Skidmore, Chief Executive Officer, Burn Bright

    Round table 2:

  • The rise of social enterprises and their contribution to the greater good

    Yasmin Grigaliunas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Worlds Biggest Garage Sale

    Round table 3:

  • People management strategies for business success

    Nina Von Stebut, Head of People and Organisational Development, ChildFund Australia

    Round table 4:

  • The benefits of a social impact framework on organisational transformation

    David Jack, Chief Executive Officer, Social Impact Institute

    Round table 5:

  • Using artificial intelligence and algorithms to radically change, and improve, fundraising

    Tom Schlosser, Head of Data Analytics and Innovation, ChildFund Australia

    10:40 Morning Refreshments

    11:00 How to Build an Effective Bequest Campaign – A Ground Level Perspective

  • How to identify your best prospects
  • Communications strategy for organisations at different levels of bequest program maturity
  • How to look beyond your existing donor base for new bequest audiences
  • The key benchmarks and KPI’s you need to know to measure the success of a phone bequest marketing program

    Ruth MacKay, Founder and Managing Director, OURTEL Solutions

    11:30 Optimising resources to ensure that your business gets value for money

  • Effectively using technology to cut costs and save time
  • Identifying where you’re resource poor and finding effective solutions
  • Utilising industry connections to share resources

    Alison Covington, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Good360 Australia

    12:00 Panel discussion: Domestic and global NFP trends and benchmarking

  • Assessing data analytics to anticipate and stay on top of market shifts
  • Using reporting and analysis tools to make sound business decisions
  • Improving member retention through reporting capabilities

    Katherine Raskob, Chief Executive Officer, Fundraising Institute Australia

    Scott Lockie, Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Charity Guide and emPOWER Your Mission

    12:40 Networking luncheon

    1:40 KEYNOTE Enhancing business performance through operational efficiency

  • Assessing business performance to adapt and remain ahead of the market
  • Streamlining core processes to work efficiently
  • Increasing transparency between staff through open communication platforms

    Claire Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, World Vision Australia

    2:40 Discovering new revenue opportunities that improve financial profitability

  • How to consistently engage communities in your organisation and its purpose
  • Engaging stakeholders through retail charity stores
  • Examining the benefits of integrated fundraising approaches

    Nick Pearce, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, HoMie

    3:10 Afternoon refreshments

    3:30 Using technology to engage and connect with stakeholders for organic business growth

  • Analysing your market demographic to effectively target stakeholders
  • Optimising communication between your business and stakeholders through streamlined conversation
  • Increasing the visibility of your organisation through content creation

    Donna Ciccia, Director and CoFounder, Endometriosis Australia

    4:00 Case study: The psychology of incentivising volunteering

  • Using a positive and fun approach to empower volunteers
  • Creating solution based programs to ensure volunteer retention
  • The importance of collaboration to create ongoing behaviour change

    Anna-Jane Linke, Founder and CEO, Seaside Scavenge

    4:40 Closing remarks from the chair and end of day two