13 - 15 September 2023, Sydney

Navigating change and strengthening your organisation to drive growth, resilience and financial sustainability

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Event Overview

The Australian Not-for-Profit sector is operating in a more competitive and economically challenging environment than ever before, making it essential that they build resilience, drive innovation and strengthen their workforce to meet the rapidly rising demand for their services.

With the rising costs of service delivery and a resource scarce environment, it’s critical that NFPs have strategies in place to increase their financial sustainability, effectively navigate an economic tightening and undertake best practice strategic planning. It will also be important to effectively brand their organisations to boost visiblility, raise funds and cut through the noise to ensure that their audiences and other stakeholders are connected and well engaged with their organisation and its societal impact.

Third Sector LIVE will be returning in September 2023 to equip delegates with tools and strategies to leverage technology, tackle recruitment challenges and diversify their organisations’ revenue streams. Delegates will also learn firsthand from industry peers and leaders about raising their organisations’ profiles, raising funds and leveraging different marketing channels to drive organisational success and social change.

Attend Third Sector Live 2023 and learn how to:

Drive resilience and growth through fundraising and financial sustainability strategies

Strengthen the NFP workforce through improved recruitment and retention strategies

Innovate to leverage technology and drive digital transformation within your organisation

Utilise the latest marketing and fundraising strategies to increase visibility and raise your organisation’s profile

Testimonials from past delegates

"Very engaging conference highlighting some of the great performers in the NFP sector"Dan Gaffney
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Surf Life Saving NSW
"Third Sector Live offers social sector leaders and professionals a unique opportunity to be inspired and equipped to thrive. Compelling presentations from expert practitioners offer profound insights, practical experience and guidance and extend your thinking and practice. Highly recommended!"David Jack
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Social Impact Institute
"A professionally run conference with an excellent calibre of speakers."Louise Stevens
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Harbour Care
"Thank you for holding this great event. It's so important for us to step away from the day to day of business to learn from others in the sector and share ideas to benefit the greater community of for profit organisations."Kelly Gentle
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Workplace Giving Australia
"Third Sector Live event is the go to conference to learn about the latest trends and connect with others from diverse for-purpose backgrounds. The presenters are practical and inspirational, with many handy tips and pieces of advice."Melissa Abu-Gazaleh
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Top Blokes Foundation
"A great event to get a snapshot of what's going on throughout the sector locally and overseas (with an eye on the horizon for what's up ahead) - as well as the opportunity for networking and discussion" Lindy Kingsford
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People for Purpose

2022 Gallery

Our 2022 Speakers

Lyn Morgain
Chief Executive Officer
Oxfam Australia
Dermot O’Gorman
Chief Executive Officer
WWF Australia
Debbie Kilroy
Chief Executive Officer
Sisters Inside & Kilroy & Callaghan Lawyers
Louise Cummins
Chief Marketing Officer
World Vision Australia
Lalith Abeysena
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Diabetes Victoria
Tony Stuart, BCom, FAICD, FAIM
Chief Executive Officer
UNICEF Australia
Phil Usher
Chief Executive Officer
First Nation Foundation
Clare Steele
Chief Executive Officer
Compassion Australia


Conference Day 1 | 1 September 2022

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Uncle Allen Madden, Gadigal Elder

Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Opening keynote

Examining the responsibilities of the Third Sector in building an inclusive and expansive social movement

• How can organisations support progress on justice and equality

• Identifying the roadmap ahead to effectively achieve goals

• Developing strategies to track and measure the outcome

Lyn Morgain, Chief Executive Officer, Oxfam Australia

Rediscovering not-for-profit ‘superpowers’ for the challenges ahead

• How to harness the power of the wider community to support organisational purpose

• Developing willingness to courageously address new social challenges and reinvent in the process

• Using evidence and outcomes to guide decisions and work as change agents

Doug Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, The Smith Family

Panel Discussion

Discussing the role of NFPs and charities in Australia today

• What the increased competition in the NFP space means for organisations

• Examining the ongoing digital disruption in the NFP sector

• Discussing how the crisis can be transformed into opportunity


Andy Skidmore, Chief Executive Officer, Burn Bright

Lyn Morgain, Chief Executive Officer, Oxfam Australia

Steve Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, RSPCA – NSW

Rinku Razdan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Connections Australia

How to unlock the change-making power of your money 

• Identifying companies and organisations that are not in direct conflict with organisational mission or values  

• Amplifying ethical investing to align super assets and investments with your values and contribute to a more sustainable, equitable future for all 

• Showcasing how to use your money to improve the world by investing in companies that are doing good and engaging with companies, government and other investors to influence positive change    

Leah Willis, Head of Client Relationships, Australian Ethical Investment  

Amanda Richman, Ethical Stewardship Lead, Australian Ethical Investment 

Morning refreshments

Stream A: Developing financial strategies for stability and profitability

Chair: Samantha Macansh, Chief Financial Officer, Good360

Stream B: Growing income through effective marketing and fundraising strategies

Chair: Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Stream C: Adopting technology to advance organisational growth

Chair: Steve Clifford, Chief Executive Officer, SecondBite

Mission-critical: Elevating the role of the Non-profit finance Leader

  • Analysing the changing role of non-profit financial leadership
  • How automation, multi-dimensional analysis and real-time synchronised data enables data-driven decision-making
  • Combining people, process and technology to become a data-driven strategist

Justus Siage, Solutions Engineering Manager, Sage ANZ

Developing strategies to grow the organisation’s financial reserve for long-term stability and sustainability

  • Developing a strategy for building or spending reserves in a way that is consistent with the organisation’s purpose
  • Determining an appropriate level of reserves for long-term financial stability
  • How to use the organisation’s profits and include it to contribute to the charity’s reserves

Lalith Abeysena, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Diabetes Victoria

Developing a robust budgeting process to meet organisational targets

  • Collaborating internally to deliver a budget plan that is successful
  • Developing a budget forecast that adapts to the changing market needs
  • How to prepare a budget that is delivered on time and efficiently

Angela Taylor, Chief Financial Officer, Plan International Australia

Diversifying revenue streams for sustainability and profitability

  • Identifying the benefits of diversification and how to enable a business to maximise its potential
  • How to utilise diversification to increase funding for the business
  • Analysing models of effective strategies to grow income sources and support organisational sustainability

Steve Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, RSPCA – NSW

Generating social impact alongside financial returns

  • How to identify and develop a financially profitable programme with social impact
  • Identifying your market and developing a sales strategy
  • Expanding your reach through partnership models

Bernard Galbally, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Live4Life

Case Study

Thinking differently and developing strategic thinking strategies

  • Transforming marketing strategies to inspire bold new path forward
  • Uncovering the importance of culture required to develop strategic thinking models and chase mission-critical growth for a brand
  • Translating the disruption into engaging client relationships and strategy execution

Daniel Flynn, Co-founder, Thankyou

How to grow your brand and reputation whilst advocating for your mission

  • Collaborating across sectors to grow market reach and increase impact
  • How to effectively plan for a campaign that strengthens company reputation and increases community trust and engagement
  • Evaluating a campaign and developing strategies for continuous growth

Louise Cummins, Chief Marketing Officer, World Vision Australia

Engaging Gen Z: How to rethink NGO marketing strategies to appeal to today’s youth and future stakeholders

  • Identifying the areas of improvement to help connect with youth
  • Focusing on the importance of political activism as an engagement tool
  • Building a campaign that is driven to resonate with the group
  • How to collaborate and create impactful campaigns that matter to young people

Thenu Herath, Chief Executive Officer, Oak Tree

Building successful collaborations and partnerships to deliver greater impact

  • How are they different and why should you consider them to be different?
  • What are the key ingredients of a successful collaboration or partnership explored through stories from the conservation sector?
  • How to end or transition a partnership?

Heather Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Bush Heritage Australia

The Law on Collaborations: 101

  • What are the different kinds of collaborations which are legally available?
  • What types of legal documents will need to be prepared?
  • How to best protect any tax concessions/exemptions you may currently enjoy
  • What are the main legal issues to negotiate with the other party?

Vera Visevic, Partner | NFPs, Human Rights & Social Impact, Mills Oakley

Luke Geary, Partner, Mills Oakley

How tech tools can unlock opportunities for growth

  • Using tech tools to unlock remote collaboration, productivity and management
  • Adopting an experimental mindset
  • Using technology to evolve business models

Pete Lead, General Manager of Product and Learning, Young Change Agents
*Virtual presentation

Embarking on a transformative journey by adopting technology to advance organisational efficiency

  • Identifying how technology can improve impact and performance
  • Analysing and rethinking organisational processes to complement technology
  • How to use data to achieve mission and purpose

Vicki Condon AM, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Raise Foundation

Lucy Snowball, Data and Youth Insights Director, Raise Foundation

Identifying where your company needs to go and how technology can help you get there

  • Developing a technology strategy that helps drive your company vision and goals
  • Embarking on a digital transformation journey
  • Enabling your team to add value by putting the ‘human’ back into what they do

Josh Wiseman, Head of Data and Insights, batyr Australia

*Virtual presentation

How to use technology and innovation to strengthen your competitive advantage

  • Understanding how innovation can be point of difference
  • Identifying ways innovation will drive better performance, ideas and outcomes
  • Developing strategies to make innovation a core part of your organisation

Clare Steele, Chief Executive Officer, Compassion Australia

How to develop a bespoke app to increase your organisations efficiency

  • Developing an app to deliver business intelligence solutions within budget constraints
  • Identifying the challenges while embarking on a digital transformative journey and developing the app
  • Enabling your team to add value in developing and creating the app

Joe Rasmussen, State Manager, Soft Landing

Navigating the influence executive teams can have on the success and failure of an organisation

• Building an executive team that collaborates on making important decisions and shares responsibility for results

• Developing strategies to find the effective leadership combination of skill and perspective

• Building and executing effective business strategy to drive organisational success

Phil Usher, Chief Executive Officer, First Nation Foundation

Round Table Discussions

  • Round table 1 | How to create value for your philanthropic supporters, ensure their advocacy, and secure sustainable financial support

Hazel Jourdin, National Manager- Philanthropy and Trusts, The Smith Family

  • Round table 2 | How to make digital access work to grow your organisation

Dr Scott Hollier, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Accessibility

  • Round table 3 | Developing strategies for leadership succession planning and the importance of implementing it your organisation

Andrew Gosbell, Advisor, Associations Forum

  • Round table 4 | Why is sustainability important in finance?

Samantha Macansh, Chief Financial Officer, Good360

Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Conference Day 2 | 2 September 2022

Registration opens

Opening remarks from the chair

Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Embracing change and building a community that is driven with purpose

• How to restructure your organisation to prepare and adapt for change

• Developing strategies to ensure the organisational mission and goal are prioritised

• Embracing change while building a commercial yet mission focused organisation

Dermot O’Gorman, Chief Executive Officer, WWF Australia

How can the tension between purpose and profits best be managed?

• Understanding how to work towards a common cause that goes beyond money

• Importance of putting people first and investing in local communities

• Discussing organisational challenges in managing two different objectives

David Jack, Co-CEO and Principal Advisor, ImpactInstitute


Phil Usher, Chief Executive Officer, First Nation Foundation

Doug Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, The Smith Family

Tony Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, UNICEF Australia

Saroni Roy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Saroni Roy Foundation

Deborah Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Camp Quality

The future of work is meaningful work

• Identifying the four factors of meaningful work and how you can uncover what gives YOU meaningful work

• Why defining and measuring meaningful work at both an employee and organisational level will improve outcomes for everyone

• How you can support your employees at work and improve your organisation’s performance

Nina Mapson Bone, People Expert and Managing Director, Beaumont People

Stream A: Developing financial strategies for stability and profitability

Chair: Samantha Macansh, Chief Financial Officer, Good360

Stream B: Growing income through effective marketing and fundraising strategies

Chair: Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Stream C: Adopting technology to advance organisational growth

Chair: Steve Clifford, Chief Executive Officer, SecondBite

Developing financially viable partnerships with businesses within and outside of the NFP sector

  • Identifying common characteristics and elements of successful and unsuccessful partnerships
  • Implementing strategies to master the life cycle of a partner relationship
  • Building a strong network through collaboration to deliver mutually beneficial goals

Paul Tommasini, Chief Executive Officer, inCommunity Inc | Tenancy Skills Institute

How to minimise reliance on government funding

  • Assessing alternative revenue options and seeking joint venture partnerships
  • Creating a strategic roadmap to rebalance your reliance on government funding
  • Increasing capacity and other traditional models to consider in your funding model restructure

Yolonde Entsch, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Wheels of Wellness

Networking Luncheon

Building Brand Awareness with the constraints of a NFP budget to foster brand loyalty

  • Shaping and crafting the story that you want to tell
  • Analysing the tools you need to illustrate and disseminate your story
  • Tailoring the story for different audiences

Jenny Buckland, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Setting your organisation up for transformation

  • Where to start in diversifying and growing your fundraising program, in the short and long term, to set yourself up for success in the future
  • The challenges to investing in innovation and strategic projects

Sandie Hall, General Manager – Revenue, Camp Quality

Developing strategies to provide donors with financial visibility and long-term sustainability

  • Identifying where to start to keep the momentum going in the fundraising journey
  • Developing strategies to overcome the constraints of limited resources
  • Gaining insight to effectively deliver results with the available resources

Helen Merrick, General Manager – Fundraising and Marketing, Mission Australia

Growing income through effective marketing and fundraising strategies

  • How to rethink marketing and fundraising strategy in a post-COVID world where demand for our services has grown
  • Developing highly targeted contemporary marketing strategies which consider unique value propositions to diversify our income
  • Identifying where the health and community sector is positioned now and should be into the short-term future

Camilla Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Palliative Care Australia

*Virtual Presenter

Developing strategies to optimise NFP budgets to deliver responsible campaigns

  • Identifying fundraising tactic that will support low budgets
  • Delivering donor visibility and the importance of impact reporting
  • Allocation of budget to optimise reach

Rachel Carr, Country Director – APAC, Movember

Networking Luncheon

How to build and efficiently run an Indigenous NFP

  • Identifying the barriers faced when setting up an Indigenous business
  • How to overcome the challenge of accessing Indigenous funding
  • Diversifying and creating new revenue streams

Graham Toomey, Chief Executive Officer and, Executive Director, Gunawirra

Decoding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace

  • Understanding cultural intelligence (CQ-cultural quotient) and emotional intelligence (EQ-emotional quotient)
  • Destigmatising and democratising mental health and wellness
  • Providing access to visible and invisible disability

Saroni Roy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Saroni Roy Foundation

Developing a positive workplace culture and practice

  • Implementing ongoing professional development and training opportunities
  • How to create a conducive and attractive workplace
  • How to build and maintain the culture and mindset for a successful transformation

Andy Skidmore, Chief Executive Officer, Burn Bright

Re-imagining and re-creating the existing enterprise

  • How to purposely restructure your organisation to better reflect the communities you serve
  • Developing an equity-centered ‘operating system’
  • Scaling up an intentional systems change approach with your organisation

Brenda Gaddi, Founder and Managing Director, Women of Colour Australia

Creating peak collaboration at the leadership level and exploring practical tools to facilitate change in a disruptive landscape

  • Understanding the critical role leadership alignment to purpose plays in working through disruption and change
  • Exploring the elements of how to bring a team together to achieve higher performance through collaboration
  • Introducing a simple tool that any leader can use to engage with their team when leading through change

Jenine Waters, National Leader, People Advisory, BDO in Australia

Networking Luncheon

Attracting and retaining a young workforce

  • Analysing the negative stereotypes of young employees and what impact this has on the NFP sector
  • Discussing what a young workforce brings to the company and how your organisation can benefit from one
  • How to engage and support young people in the workforce

Mitchelle Neave, Head of People and Operations, batyr Australia

Developing a successful workforce culture and strategy to meet the needs of the organisation

  • How to provide ongoing support to the workforce in times of disruption
  • Focusing on motivating and engaging staff to achieve positive outcomes on the job
  • Developing strategies to deliver services through physical connection

Tony Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Social Futures

How to develop a sustainable, long-term fundraising plan suited to your organisations needs

  • Embedding ethical best practice and professional standards into your fundraising strategy
  • Explore how to engage productively and get “buy in” and support with internal stakeholders
  • Identifying how organisations can tap into the power of digital to revamp and improve productivity

Trudi Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, Australia for UNHCR

How to respond to a natural disaster that created worldwide media attention

• Examining the challenges before, during and after a major crisis

• Developing and building organisational efforts to connect people

• How the growing world-wide response to the megafires created opportunity

Leanne Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, WIRES Wildlife Rescue

Toni Bresnahan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bresnahan Footprint Foundation

Who should attend

Third Sector LIVE is open to anyone who is passionate about our community and the environment we live in. We invite leaders from the NFP sector, and its supporting industries, including, charities, foundations, NGOs, member-based organisations, research & academia, government, philanthropy, social enterprises and corporates committed to social responsibility and shared values. Our ultimate goal is to promote an environment that inspires positive change in rebuilding the NFP sector and support for the leaders behind the movement.

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