The 2019 Third Sector LIVE is all about ‘cutting through the noise’ and standing out from the crowd. How can you ensure that your organisation is successful? Attend this conference and find out.

  • Developing strategies to stand out in a saturated market
  • Adapting your organisation to a constantly evolving not-for-profit sector
  • Developing a strong leadership to drive organisational success
  • Utilising technology to advance your organisation’s capabilities and capacities
  • Managing resources and succeeding on a shoestring
  • Creating a workplace culture that attracts, encourages and inspires employees to work towards the organisation’s shared mission and values

  • About Third Sector Live

    Increasingly, more people want to work for an organisation that has meaning and purpose. The Australian third sector is growing every year with approximately 80,000 registered charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises. With increased competition organisations need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd and establish meaningful and ongoing partnerships with the community. 

    Third Sector LIVE is open to anyone who is in the business of creating positive change in the community and environment we live in. Third Sector LIVE invites executives from the NFP sector and its supporting industries, including charities, associations, NGOs, member-based organisations, chambers of commerce, research and academia, government, philanthropy, social enterprises and corporates committed to social responsibility and shared values. 

    Get Involved


    Impact on industry, politics, community and environment


    Hear from influential leaders


    Keep up-to-date with trends and movements


    Meet and interact with like-minded people, forming long lasting valuable relationships


    Join us for the Third Sector awards!


    Convenient location in the heart of Sydney CBD


    Day one - Tuesday 24 September, 2019
    Setting your organisation up for success
    Setting your organisation up for success

    8:40 Opening remarks and welcome from chair

    8:50 Developing a strong mission and vision for your organisation that your supporters and team will get behind

  • Identifying your organisations’ core purpose
  • Addressing gaps in your organisation to build strong foundations for success
  • Creating an effective strategy to reach your vision

    Nicolas Brown, General Manager, Batyr

    9:20 Developing strategies to stand out in a saturated market

  • Identifying value-add opportunities to support beneficiaries
  • Understanding the power of evaluation and measurement
  • Incorporating automation to improve efficiencies and magnify social impact

    Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Founder and Managing Director, Top Blokes Foundation

    9:50 Panel Discussion: Attracting the right staff to drive operational success

  • Building recruitment strategies to ensure staff suitability
  • Ensuring staff have access to ongoing training and development programs
  • Fostering an authentic staff culture
  • How to appeal to experienced workers with a tight budget

    Nina Mapson Bone, Managing Director, Beaumont People

    10:30 Morning Refreshments

    11:00 Keynote session: Creating the workforce of tomorrows demands

  • Ensuring young Australian’s have skills and experience for jobs of the future
  • Encouraging innovation to ensure economic and social progression

    Jan Owen, Chief Executive Officer, The Foundation for Young Australians

    11:30 Enhancing business performance through operational efficiency

  • Assessing business performance to adapt and remain ahead of the market
  • Streamlining core processes to work efficiently
  • Increasing transparency between staff through open communication platforms

    Claire Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, World Vision Australia

    12:10 Case Study: Understanding the CPC framework for success

  • Identifying what success means for the organisation and its stakeholders
  • Examining critical factors which mediate success
  • Sharing success through building stakeholder social capital

    Dianne Prince, President, Haemochromatosis Australia

    12:40 How to survive Australia’s charity market saturation

  • Evaluating the increased competition in the sector and what it means for your organisation
  • Developing a strong brand to stand out from the crowd
  • Identifying your point of difference to competitors

    James Fowles, Head of Philanthropy, Hello Sunday Morning

    1:10 Networking luncheon

    2:10 Adaptability, the new competitive advantage

  • Creating business models that are able to adapt to changing trends
  • Growing your organisation whilst staying true to your core values
  • Working towards the sector’s collective success

    Paul Ronalds, Chief Executive Officer, Save The Children

    2:40 Panel discussion: Revolutionising measurement and evaluation techniques to ensure business adaptability

  • How to keep up with rapidly changing industry trends
  • Ensuring that your business remains ahead of the competition

    Michelle Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Community Vision

    Rochelle Courtenay, Founder and Managing Director, Share The Dignity

    3:20 Afternoon refreshments

    3:50 Merging with likeminded organisations to remain competitive in a saturated market

  • Identifying suitable partnership opportunities for your organisation
  • Developing beneficial relationships with likeminded organisations
  • Remaining authentic to your values in an evolving space

    Oscar Mussons, Volunteer Coordinator Asylum Seekers Centre

    Maurizio Vespa, Chief Executive Officer, St Francis Social Services (House of Welcome)

    Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Executive Director, Refugee Advice and Casework Service

    Caroline Gottardo, Director, Jesuit Refugee Service Australia

    4:30 End of day one

  • Day two - Wednesday 25 September, 2019
    Progression through innovation
    Progression through innovation

    8:30 Registration Opens

    8:40 Opening remarks and welcome from chair

    8:50 Building strong management teams to create an industry leading business

  • Building relationships between governing boards and management teams
  • Training board members to lead with confidence, conviction and purpose
  • Attracting diverse board members for increased innovation

    Robert Crowe, Chief Executive officer, Leading For Purpose

    9:20 International case study: Using radical collaboration to transform teams into motivated and empowered groups

  • Focussing on brand strategy to build cross-industry and cross-culture partnerships
  • Using radical collaboration to strengthen your organisations presence and impact

    Emma Riley, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lonely Whale

    9:50 Roundtable discussion

    Delegates will be divided into groups to engage in interactive discussions around one of the below topics:

    Round table 1:

  • Fostering innovation for positive growth and sustainability

    Andy Skidmore, Chief Executive Officer, Burn Bright

    Round table 2:

  • The rise of social enterprises and their contribution to the greater good

    Yasmin Grigaliunas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Worlds Biggest Garage Sale

    Round table 3:

  • People management strategies for business success

    Nina Von Stebut, Head of People and Organisational Development, ChildFund Australia

    Round table 4:

  • The benefits of a social impact framework on organisational transformation

    David Jack, Chief Executive Officer, Social Impact Institute

    10:40 Morning Refreshments

    11:10 Using a systems approach to drive results based management

  • The role of theory of change in uncovering evaluable interventions
  • Using catalytic mechanisms to trigger distributed results
  • Program logic and discovering your “flywheel” for momentum
  • Monitoring, evaluating and managing for results and impact

    Megan Gilmour, CEO, Missing Schools

    11:40 Panel discussion: Domestic and global NFP trends and benchmarking

  • Assessing data analytics to anticipate and stay on top of market shifts
  • Using reporting and analysis tools to make sound business decisions
  • Improving member retention through reporting capabilities

    Katherine Raskob, Chief Executive Officer, Fundraising Institute of Australia

    Scott Lockie, Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Charity Guide and emPOWER Your Mission

    12:20 Networking luncheon

    1:20 Discovering new revenue opportunities that improve financial profitability

  • How to consistently engage communities in your organisation and its purpose
  • Engaging stakeholders through retail charity stores
  • Examining the benefits of integrated fundraising approaches

    Nick Pearce, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, HoMie

    1:50 Optimising resources to ensure that your business gets value for money

  • Effectively using technology to cut costs and save time
  • Identifying where you’re resource poor and finding effective solutions
  • Utilising industry connections to share resources

    Alison Covington, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Good360 Australia

    2:20 Afternoon refreshments

    2:50 Using technology to engage and connect with stakeholders for organic business growth

  • Analysing your market demographic to effectively target stakeholders
  • Optimising communication between your business and stakeholders through streamlined conversation
  • Increasing the visibility of your organisation through content creation

    Donna Ciccia, Director and CoFounder, Endometriosis Australia

    3:20 Case study: The psychology of incentivising volunteering

  • Using a positive and fun approach to empower volunteers
  • Creating solution based programs to ensure volunteer retention
  • The importance of collaboration to create ongoing behaviour change

    Anna-Jane Linke, Founder and CEO, Seaside Scavenge

    3:50 Closing remarks from the chair and end of day two