The Australian Not-for-Profit sector is operating in a more competitive and economically challenging environment than ever before, making it essential that they build resilience, drive innovation and strengthen their workforce to meet the rapidly rising demand for their services.

With the rising costs of service delivery and a resource scarce environment, it’s critical that NFPs have strategies in place to increase their financial sustainability, effectively navigate an economic tightening and undertake best practice strategic planning. It will also be important to effectively brand their organisations to boost visiblility, raise funds and cut through the noise to ensure that their audiences and other stakeholders are connected and well engaged with their organisation and its societal impact.

Third Sector LIVE will be returning in September 2023 to equip delegates with tools and strategies to leverage technology, tackle recruitment challenges and diversify their organisations’ revenue streams. Delegates will also learn firsthand from industry peers and leaders about raising their organisations’ profiles, raising funds and leveraging different marketing channels to drive organisational success and social change.